Preconception & Fertility

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Preconception & Fertility

Thinking of starting your family? There’s no better place to start than Women’s Health Specialists of CentraState. Having a healthy baby begins before you get pregnant. Two of the best things you can do for yourself and your baby are to start taking a prenatal vitamin now and schedule a preconception exam as soon as possible. A preconception exam helps make sure that your body is ready for pregnancy. We will review your overall health and medical conditions. Some medications and conditions, like depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, can affect pregnancy and fertility.

This also is a good time to talk about you and your partner’s family health histories so we can address any genetic risks you might have. By being proactive now, you can address health and fertility issues or problems that may affect you or your baby later.

Other topics you may want to discuss include:

  • Fertility and Conception
    There are ways you can improve your chances of getting pregnant. But there are a lot of old wives’ tales out there and we’ll help you separate fact from fiction if you are trying to conceive. And, if you’re having trouble conceiving, we’ll talk about any fertility problems you’ve had and create a customized plan that works best for you and your family planning goals.
  • Pregnancy After 35
    Many women are waiting longer to have children. But with fertility peaking in our teens and twenties, your chances of getting pregnant after age 35 significantly drops. In addition, women are more likely to have certain health conditions as they age that can cause complications before and during pregnancy, including premature birth and gestational diabetes. We’ll talk about helping you and your baby maintain a healthy pregnancy. And, if you’re having difficulty getting pregnant, we’ll discuss your options.
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If you’re trying to get pregnant, CentraState Healthcare System’s OvuKNOW fertility app can help. Download the free app from the Apple App Store to track your periods, learn your most fertile times for conception, and create a report for your doctor with your specific cycle and fertility data.

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