Pregnancy & Birth

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Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy is an exciting time filled with new experiences, lots of choices and plenty to prepare for! You are in good hands with the caring staff and obstetricians at Women’s Health Specialists of CentraState. We will prepare and guide you through every stage of your childbirth journey—from confirming the good news to delivering the newest member of your family.

Prenatal Care

Medical checkups and screenings during your pregnancy will help keep you and your baby healthy. You’ll want to schedule your first prenatal checkup as soon as you think you’re pregnant. During your prenatal OB/GYN visit, we will talk about your due date, healthy eating, physical activity, screenings you may need, what to expect during labor and delivery and more. Bring us your questions—we’ve got the answers!

Birth Preferences

Our goal is for you to be as informed and educated as possible about the birth process. We will discuss your values and preferences so we fully understand the birth experience that you want.

High-Risk Pregnancies

All pregnancies carry some degree of risk, but a high-risk pregnancy increases your or your baby’s chances of developing health problems before, during, or after delivery. Sometimes a high-risk pregnancy is the result of a medical condition present before pregnancy, and in other cases, you or your baby may develop a medical condition during pregnancy. We’ll carefully monitor you and your baby’s health and provide specialized care to help ensure the healthiest outcome possible. We work closely with CentraState’s maternal fetal medicine specialists. Maternal fetal medicine specialists are OB/GYNs for high-risk pregnancies. They have advanced training for dealing with the health of the mother and baby in these situations.

Post-Delivery Care

While your focus will shift to caring for your new baby, you need special care after giving birth, too. Pregnancy changes your body in more ways than you think, and we’ll talk about everything that you may be experiencing, including vaginal soreness, incontinence, hemorrhoids, breastfeeding issues, and the baby blues. Post-delivery care—often called the 4th trimester—is an ongoing process. We’ll provide a comprehensive postpartum evaluation to assess your emotional well-being, sleep habits and issues related to fatigue, discuss contraception, review information about infant care and feeding, and complete a physical exam. Your health is our only priority, so this is the perfect time to talk about any concerns you might have, including resuming sexual activity and adjusting to life with your new baby.

Deliver at CentraState

Women’s Health Specialists proudly deliver at CentraState Medical Center’s First Impressions Maternity Center in Freehold, NJ. CentraState’s team includes magnet-recognized nursing staff, neonatologist, and anesthesiologist on-site 24/7, ready to respond to any special needs. The state-of-the art facility includes a Special Care Nursery equipped to deal with high-risk deliveries after 32 weeks of pregnancy, private labor, and delivery rooms, homelike postpartum rooms, away from labor and delivery, so you can enjoy quiet time with your newborn. Plus lactation consultants are available to provide one-on-one breastfeeding advice both during your stay or after you return home.

GLOW Throughout Your Pregnancy

CentraState Medical Center’s GLOW pregnancy app provides a play-by-play of your baby’s weekly growth and development in vivid detail. Download the free app from the Apple App Store and Google Play to receive week-by-week details about you and your developing baby, weekly and monthly “to do” checklists, hospital bag and baby registry checklists, kick counter, contraction timer, and weight tracker.

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